Amy D Montague Ph.D.

Psychologist in Private Practice
Amy D. Montague Ph.D.

PSY 16740






Contact Information

I am a licensed psychologist and I specialize in child and family therapy, including a specialization in adolescent issues and young children.  My approach to therapy is from a developmental perspective and I do well with challenging cases.

I work with families and individual family members in the form of family therapy sessions, marriage or couples counseling, domestic violence issues, depressive disorders, anxiety and conduct disorders as well as child-custody evaluations.  I utilize psychodynamic and behavioral cognitive techniques. 

I do not accept insurance for the simple reason that it compromises your privacy. For years I accepted Insurance and found that the insurance company often questioned the authenticity of my therapy and wanted a summary of my private notes to verify the charges, this clearly effected the privacy of my clients, also I worked for insurance before I became a therapist and I know that employers have access to diagnosis and how often their employee uses psychological services which also violates patient doctor confidentiality. Therefore I have decided to stop taking any form of insurance or credit cards so I can offer the ultimate in patient doctor confidentiality. That is also why I use my personal living room at my private home so that your comings and goings are more discrete.

LACPA            - Los Angeles County Psychological Association










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